Efficiency is Profit

Efficient Eco Solutions is a Western Canadian relationship focused company. Providing a eco-friendly solution to help streamline your company’s operational efficiencies.
Our mission:

  • Be Efficient
  • Save on Bills
  • Heal the Planet
  • Custom Solutions for you

CO2 reduction*
2536.19620 tonnes


Power Savings*
1,026,840.937 kWH

*estimated sum value for all customers to date

Efficient Eco Solutions for you

Lighting Solutions
Efficient Eco Solutions takes pride in our modern LED lighting systems that let you have a brighter day with lower costs. Moreover, our lights are amazing for the environment. Collectively, our clients have saved over 220 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere so far. That's the same as 48 cars! And we are saving more and more each second. Checkout our Industrial and Commercial Lighting Solutions to find something that you like!

Cleansing Solutions
Between our Organic Disinfectant and UV-C Lighting solutions we can sanitize anything! Use our solutions to clean your industrial, commercial or even personal spaces. The UV-C Lighting will even kill COVID-19 for you! Our solutions are safe for the environment and even safer for you!

Solar Power
Our Solar Technologies are perfect for when electricity is hard to come by. With an efficient panels and an amazing battery life, it's perfect for any project (indoors or outdoors!). And you may have guessed, it's amazing for the environment! Save the planet and enjoy that $0 electricity bill!

Client Savings

Our clients save $10,956 average on power bills per month!
LED Lights are cheaper, brighter and improve product quality.
Are you a Retail store? Enhance your ambience and save on power.
Loomis pays $0 in Electricity Bills. Sounds Interesting?

Check out our Projects!

A mining company that wished to make their warehouse brighter while saving on bills. Efficient Eco Solutions installed industrial grade LED lighting. We made the warehouse significantly brighter, ensuring better visibility and worker safety. Procon also benefitted by applying for rebate programs, saving $7270*.

They required light on their branch new transport pad, however they had no access to electricity. Since everything was already paved, we installed our Mars Solar LED Lights instead.

Carmen's Big Way Foods
Carmen wanted to benefit from the Alberta Government Grant Program and save money. We assisted him by installing new commercial LED lights for his store. This new lighting drove down his lighting costs and gave his store a fresh modern look.

Client Testimonies

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