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Average Power Savings 74.46%

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How we do it:
  • Create an Energy Audit
  • Discuss implementation costs
  • Implement Projects
  • Clients Save Money

CO2 reduction*
2536.19619 tonnes


Power Savings*
1,026,840.93 kWH

*estimated sum value for all customers to date

Average Client Savings

  • Cost Recovery

    Time to Recover Cost: 2.58
    Annual Cost Recovery: 42.22%

  • After 2.58 years clients enjoy 42.22% of project cost as PROFIT

  • Clients reduce Energy Consumption by 70.59%

Please note that these are average estimate values for all our clients featured on our website. Individual project details might vary.

Checkout some of our client's projects & savings

project thumbnail

  • New LED Lights for Grocery store
  • Reduced power usage by 70%
  • Saving $593 per month

project thumbnail

  • New Solar powered lights
  • Saved $83,000 on trenching
  • $0 Power Charges

project thumbnail

  • New LED Lights for mining warehouse
  • Doubled light output
  • Saving $1362 per month

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