Motel 6

After a successful project with 5 bay limousine business Efficient Eco Solutions were hired by Ron Sekura to upgrade the lighting for his motel. Using our commercial LED lights we, reduced power usage and increased visibility of the motel at night. Using our monthly payment program they now save $130* every month and have the motel visible all across town.

CO2 reduction*
27.211159 tonnes


Power Savings*
2,867.135 kWH

*estimated values for Motel 6 since December 6th, 2020

Solution Implemented

Efficient Eco Solution used our monthly payment program to make this project work. We not only set up the package where after their monthly payment they were $130 cash positive every month, we also made sure the location could be seen from all over town

  • Saved $130 per month

Approximate Client Savings

Motel 6 is expected to recover their implementation cost after 3.09 years. After that a $802.70 monthly profit is expected for remaining lifetime of the project.

  • Date completed:

  • Installation Cost:

  • Project Lifetime:

  • Expected ROI:

  • Energy Efficiency:

  • Power Savings:

  • Monthly Power Savings:

  • Lifetime Savings:

  • December 6th, 2020

  • $29,779.34

  • 7 yrs

  • 3.09 yrs

  • 65.80%

  • 73.17%

  • $802.70

  • $74,686.55

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