ETR Truck & Trailer Repair

Not wishing to use their Capital during covid they realized they were wasting money on power while also needed more light.

CO2 reduction*
2.369784 tonnes


Power Savings*
3,117.728 kWH

*estimated values for ETR Truck & Trailer Repair since September 1, 2021

Solution Implemented

Using our payment program there net savings more then paid for the new LEDs while adding a lot more light in the shop.

  • Project Lifetime: 20 yrs
  • Implementation Costs: $8,653.98


Approximate Client Savings

After 2.85 years ETR Truck and Trailer Repair is expected to earn back all of their implementation cost. After that they are are expecting to enjoy $209.74 as monthly profit for remaining lifetime of project.

Date completed

July 1st, 2021

Installation Cost


Project Lifetime

20 yrs

Expected ROI


Energy Efficiency


Monthly Power Savings


Lifetime Savings


Alberta ERS Incentive


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