Carmen's Big Way Foods

Carmen wanted to benefit from the Alberta Government Grant Program and save money. We assisted him by installing new commercial LED lights for his store. This new lighting drove down his lighting costs and gave his store a fresh modern look.

CO2 reduction*
18.773914 tonnes


Power Savings*
23,538.772 kWH

*estimated values for Carmen's Big Way Foods since April 6th, 2021

Solution Implemented

While reducing the power usage of Carmen’s lighting by 70% we also did a lighting redesign and completely changed the look and feel. Carmen quote “I actually had people coming in and asking if we did a full store renovation because it looked so good but people could not figure out what we changed”

  • 70% power savings
  • New modern look
  • Alberta ERS Incentive


Approximate Client Savings

Carmen is expected to recover his implementation cost after 1.93 years. After that a $593 monthly profit is expected for remaining lifetime of the project. He has also received $2,540.00 as Alberta ERS Incentive.

  • Date completed:

  • Installation Cost:

  • Project Lifetime:

  • Expected ROI:

  • Energy Efficiency:

  • Power Savings:

  • Monthly Power Savings:

  • Lifetime Savings:

  • Alberta ERS Incentive:

  • April 6th, 2021

  • $16,293.11

  • 10 yrs

  • 1.93 yrs

  • 65.54%

  • 70.41%

  • $593

  • $74,686.55

  • $2,540.00

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